Fabulous 50's

“Selfie” photos are new to me.  Even if I’m traveling solo, I will ask someone to take my photo.  But usually I’m taking photos of other people, landscapes or things.  Since acquiring a corded remote shutter release, I took some “Selfies” yesterday for the holiday in front of my Christmas tree.  I purchased Lightroom 5 a few weeks ago and have been teaching myself, along with help from the internet, to utilize it.  On this photo, I used the teeth whitener function, not only on my teeth (they didn’t need much), but also on my eye whites and used the skin smoothing function.  It’s my new Facebook profile photo!


Also…I have great news!  A local marketing company called me because they found a photo on this website and wanted to purchase it.  So I sent them an invoice and a high-resolution copy of it.  I’m gradually making progress.  Hope…

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The Academy of Combat Arts Synoposis

Audio SeXXX

RPG plot Synopsis
Yuhiko, A heroine whose colony of Artika was destroyed by a wild, mutant snow beast is saved by a man whom she vaguely remembers by his eyes “as orange as sunrise” and his bright, white wings like a guardian angel. After being rescued by her unknown savior she regains consciousness at Academy of Combat Arts where she will learn how to defend herself during her journey to find her savior and remaining survivors of her family.

ALSO HERE’S TWO 1 MINUTE THEMES. One for the light and one for the dark enjoy!

Light Theme

Dark Theme

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Travel Spirit Meetup Group

Fabulous 50's

I’ve just began my own Meetup group called Travel Spirit Meetup Group.  If you’d like to take a look…here’s the link!  I’m very excited to begin organizing meetups to travel together and to share our tips and travel stories!  It doesn’t matter where you live…if you join, you could still meetup with us somewhere!

Here’s a photograph from Lake Malawi, Africa…


I’m working on another Powerpoint presentation…from my 40 day trip through six countries in Africa.  It will have to be split into two presentations because I have over 200 photographs and an hour isn’t long enough to share 40 days of adventure!


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Fun Family Photography Shoot

Fabulous 50's

Yesterday I had the pleasure of photographing a fun family!  As you can see from the photographs…they have a ton of personality.  I am friends with the parents.

After meeting at my house…I took this shot in my yard…


We had less than 1 1/2 hours to complete the photo shoot, so I was walking fast!  Next we drove to the nature center near my home and the next three were taken there.


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What to do in Ripley, Ohio…go to Meranda-Nixon Winery

Fabulous 50's

Wineries are so much fun and Meranda-Nixon Winery in Ripley, Ohio is no exception!  Although summer is gone…the vineyards are still beautiful.  My friends and I drove out there yesterday.  Located about 40 minutes from the east side of Cincinnati, it’s not too far of a drive.  Because it was a Friday, there were only a few other patrons there.  The owners are Seth and his wife Maura.  We joked that we wanted some “Maura wine”.  Anyway, Maura did the wine tasting for us and gave us some background about their lives.  Both she and her husband are widowers and when they met recently…they only dated for one month before getting married!

I asked her how many employees they have and she replied, “Her husband and four children!  While we were there, two of the boys came in to help wash glasses.  The 11-year-old took me for a ride…

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Sunset from the Carew Tower

Fabulous 50's

Experiencing the sunset from the Carew Tower in Cincinnati, Ohio is a must-do if you ever visit or especially if you live here.  I like being a “Tourist in my City” and take advantage of things to do in my own hometown!  One of the camera club meetups that I belong to hosted an event at the top of the Carew Tower last night.  From the time construction was completed in 1930 and up until 2010, the Carew Tower was the tallest building in Cincinnati and at a cost of $33 million, a very expensive one also!  I arrived early to take some photos of Fountain Square and the Art deco inside the Carew Tower.  I’m learning a lot in my weekly camera class and would have stayed longer to practice taking some additional night shots, but it got really cold.

Using my Nikon D5100, in manual mode I…

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