I’m writing a monthly column for Vitae.

Stacia L. Brown


Vitae, a new social media/interactive extension The Chronicle of Higher Education, recently launched, and it’s starting out strong with fantastic columns by professors, higher ed staff, and students. I was fortunate enough to be invited to be one of them!

Here’s my first piece, “The Greatest Mixtape Ever Made.” Exciting!

If you’re a college instructor/prof, a grad student, or an alumnus/a who just likes to keep up with other academics and academic musings, I encourage you to start a profile there and add friends to your circles. It’s fun!

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I did it!

Fabulous 50's

Last night I gave an hour-long presentation on a trip I took to Egypt and Jordan back in 2009, to a Travel Meetup club I belong to!  Although I was a member of Toastmasters for a while and gave a few five-minute speeches, this was a great accomplishment for me.  I wasn’t that nervous and everyone seemed to enjoy it.  It probably helped that there were only 9 people there…but for me it was a great feeling!  My Powerpoint presentation had 120 photographs that were shot with a point and shoot, but I recently bought Lightroom 5, so I doctored them up some.  Now I can’t wait to give presentations on my other epic trips…Peru…SE Asia…and Africa!

To avoid the worst of traffic, I left my house early to drive to Covington, Kentucky, where the event was held, so I had some extra time and decided to…

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Autumn has arrived at Indiana’s oldest and largest winery…Oliver Winery

Fabulous 50's

Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Indiana has stunning scenery…stone landscaping, sculptures, beautiful flowers, and tranquil seating areas.  For my annual girls’ weekend this year, five of us visited the winery this past Saturday.  It’s one of eight wineries on the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail.  The day before, a few of us went to the Butler Winery, which is also on the Indiana Uplands Wine Trail, and really enjoyed our time there.  They are very different from each other.  Butler Winery is much smaller, has a more homey feel and natural beauty, and only a handful of people were there.  As you’ll see from these photos…Oliver Winery was very crowded, but beautiful!


Dee is taking our photo here…


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Senior Graduation Photos for Sam

Fabulous 50's

Sam was my third Senior Graduation Photo shoot and what a handsome guy!  His mother and I were waiting for a nice weather day and for the leaves to change some.  She called me a couple of hours before I did the shoot to see if I was available.  We only had an 1 1/2 hours of daylight so I worked fast.  I really like this one.  It’s near the end of the shoot.  The light is falling on his face, but not in his eyes and didn’t cause him to squint.


I love barns and he looks relaxed here…like he’s reaching up for just a moment.


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Volunteer at Citylink Mashup Event

Fabulous 50's

A friend on Facebook invited me to the Citylink Mashup Event, which was held to raise money for their organization.  They needed volunteers, so I signed up to be an usher Friday evening.  Citylink is a place for poverty-stricken individuals to find “an integrated, holistic path to break free from poverty”.  There are ten areas of assistance:  Employment — Transportation — Childcare — Legal Assistance — Housing — Health & Wellness — Education — Spiritual Support — Financial Services — Mentoring.  What a great idea!

Anyway…I got there early before my shift to mingle and take photographs.  I like these photo mosaics they create…


Here are some being developed by the attendees at the event…


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Mother and Daughter Defy the Time-Space Continuum.

Stacia L. Brown

She is in a cloche hat and chunk heels, one strap across each ankle, her calf-length dress all lavender fringes and lace. Defly, she waggles her legs in ways that make the guests all laugh until they forget how hard it is here, to be black and act citified. The flat has gone hazy with smoke; its wood floors scuff and rumble under those who’ve chosen to dance.

A quarter earned everyone their entrance, but contraband is fifty cent a cup. When the air grows warm and dense with corn-liquored breath, she counts the contents of her can. There is rent enough for three months.

You do not worry, in 1926, whether she’ll make it. You needn’t wonder what she’s working toward. Wit and resourcefulness go far here, and here, her sand-and-copper hair, glittery eyes, and throaty laugh can insulate her. White benefactors have not yet taken to flinging themselves…

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Anilyst Beat Contest

Audio SeXXX

So there’s this rapper Anilyst who is having a beat contest so i decided to join. I edited the video and made the beat and here’s the product of the weeks long work!

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Launch Day for Liliane’s Balcony!

ph.d. in creative writing

I received this email today. Yay! My book Liliane’s Balcony is now available in e-book and regular-book form. All the details are in the message below, including my crazy tour schedule that I have to juggle with my teaching schedule. (Are you in Iowa, Chicago, Baltimore, DC, or Pittsburgh? Can we meet for a drink?)

I love that Rose Metal Press chose to donate 5% of sales in the first two weeks to the preservation of Fallingwater.
Dear Friends, Subscribers, and Supporters of Rose Metal Press:
It’s here! Our fall release, Liliane’s Balcony: A Novella of Fallingwater by Kelcey Parker, is now available for order! Information and all details about the book can be found here. Preorders are on their way! We are so pleased to bring you this innovative novella-in-flash that, among other things, highlights the beauty and…

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